Hunting Lease Liability Insurance

Hunt lease liability insurance (hunt club insurance) from Outdoor Underwriters provides liability coverage to landowners, hunt clubs, members and guests.   Hunt club insurance protection covers you from occurrences arising out of hunting activities and operations and protects members, guests, invitees, agents or employees. The team at Outdoor Underwriters has more than 20 years experience in the outdoor insurance industry; we speak your language, and can tailor a program to suit your needs at a price that makes sense to you.  Have peace of mind knowing your land, hunt club and members are covered.

PhotosHunting Lease Liability Insurance includes:

Why do you need Hunt Lease Liability Insurance?

Landowners have a duty to protect their valuable assets from the inherent risks associated with land ownership, such as claims made against them by guests and trespassers.

Hunt clubs need liability coverage to protect members, staff and guests from occurrences associated with the hunting activities and operations.

Hunters need liability insurance to protect themselves, other members and guests.

Are there any additional benefits of hunt lease liability coverage?

Hunt Club Insurance provides you with greater land leasing flexibility, increased income, and easy to manage uniform insurance coverage.

What if I am a member of an association?

Outdoor Underwriters has teamed up with many state and national associations to enable their members to receive hunt lease liability insurance at affordable prices!  Check out our associations page for more information


If you are a landowner, hunt club owner or hunter interested in Hunt Lease Liability Insurance call us today for a free no obligation quote. 866-961-4101



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