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Commercial General Liability (Occurrence Form)
Deductible $500.00 Property Damage & Bodily Injury per claim

General Aggregate
Products & Completed Operations Aggregate
Personal & Advertising Injury
Each Occurrence
Damage to Rented Premises (each occurrence)
Medical Expense (any one person)
Foresters Special Liability
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Required Attachments
  1. All brochures describing any and all services; or website address above.
  2. Three years hard copy Loss Runs, if unavailable, provide a no loss letter signed by insured.

You can upload your documents below or email them to [email protected] or fax them to 803-451-5695.

Is Applicant a Graduate, Registered Forester?  
Give a brief description of applicant’s
activities and Operations
Does the applicant:
Use subcontractors? *    
Work in populated or urban areas? *    
Lease any premises? *    
Operate business on a part-time basis? *    
Draw plans, designs or specifications other than forest management? *    
Use explosives? *    
Own, operate, or lease aircraft or watercraft? *    
Use/distribute/mix/apply pesticides or herbicides? *    
Lease equipment to others? *    
Employ seasonal or migrant labor? *    
Perform work underground? *    
Perform tunneling/excavation/earth moving work? *    
Perform or subcontract logging operations? *    
Perform control burns? *    
Maintain Certificates of Insurance on all subcontractors? *    
Employ only salaried employees? *    
Have formal maintenance and safety programs in effect? *    
Comply with all applicable OSHA standards? *    
Are you a member of Association of Consulting Foresters (ACF) or Society of American Foresters (SAF)? If so which one:

Any other information carrier
needs to be aware of?
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