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Perils to be Covered

Management Plans & Certification
1. Is your forest certified within an international sustainability standard (FSC for example)?  
2. Is your Timber currently under a timber management plan?  
3. Do you have your own fire fighting plan?  
4. Have Fire Breaks been established for all stands?  
5. Please complete the following in respect of Fire Management for all your forest locations as a group.

Fire Towers

Number on or in sight of your forest*
Built of what Materials/Type?
Manned every day during the fire season?  
How many fire detection cameras (e.g. EVS systems) do you use?

Water Sources

Number of Water Tanks/Dams
Water Capacity (ltrs)
Available Year Round?
Number of Natural River Pools
Water Capacity (ltrs)
Available Year Round?
Number of Rivers
Water Capacity (ltrs)
Available Year Round?

Fire Equipment and Teams

Number of trained fire fighting teams
Number of men on teams
Number of trained fire brigade camps
Number of men on brigades
Distance to local authority fire brigade (miles)
Number of Water tankers
Water Capacity (ltrs)
Number of Tractors
Number of Bulldozers
Number of Road graders
Number of Trucks for transport
Number of Fire detection cameras
6. Complete the following table for each timber tract. (Add more tables for additional tracts)
Number of Stands*
Distance to coast
Total acres on tract (property) owned*
Nearest Fire Department and distance
Timber Tract Location
Type of Timber (Trees in Stand)
Nearest Town
Average Age Class
Distance to Nearest Town
Stand Value*
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Total Acres 0Total Value $0
7. Information on adjacent properties – vacant land, residential, manufacturing
8. Describe any past losses, location of loss and amount of loss to timber
9. Name and Address of mortgagee/loss payee (indicate by timber tract)
10. Additional Information on this risk

Please furnish the following on each timber stand at this location

Latitude & Longitude
Check at

(eg: 37 25.8'N, 122 05.36'E)
Main Species of Trees
Name of Location
Average Age of Trees (Years)
County & State
Planted Area (Acres)
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Please upload a copy of timber management plan, timber stand maps, and most current cruise data.

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