What Makes Us Different?

Forestry Beyond Timber

Outdoor Underwriters, Inc. motto succinctly describes why we stand apart from our competitors. We accomplish this goal in several areas:

Management – Managing personnel of Outdoor Underwriters, Inc. have extensive technical training and experience in timber operations/management, forest investment and economics. Our expertise is enhanced by personal experience in the forest industry, giving an understanding and perspective that is rare in the insurance industry. Our guiding philosophy is to offer a product line and adopt a style of management that must contribute to increasing our client’s return on their forest investments.

Innovation – We are a niche broker dedicated to innovation and the application of insurance products designed to maximize revenue for timberland owners. We have a two-fold approach: Offer a diverse product line to capture multiple revenue streams and manage and reduce costs. For example, we developed contracts that expand liability products into timberland, consulting forester’s errors and omissions, prescribed burning, and other recreation leases. Outdoor Underwriters created an audit policy procedure that greatly reduces lease management costs and streamlines the leasing procedure.

Coverage – Outdoor Underwriters Inc. offers a comprehensive package to assist clients maximize returns on forest investments. Hunting liability coverage intent is directed to specific claims that have the highest frequency and severity type claims on hunting lease property. Member to member coverage is not limited by endorsed exclusions. Med pay coverage also applies to members and guests of the hunting club. Coverage includes shooting among members and guests, tree stand incidents, ATV incidents and fire damage. Policy wording is specifically written to provide coverage intent that separates landowner liability from hunting club liability. Furthermore, claim’s management will limit exposure to excess limit and landowners.

Other offerings currently include:

Standing Timber Insurance that protects your timber investment from perils normally associated with timber losses

Prescribed Burning Insurance for landowners, consultants and companies on a per burn and per acre basis

Recreational Lease Program designed for ATV clubs and Horse Back Riding Clubs to diversify land leasing potential and increase returns on non-huntable acres

Consulting Forester Insurance for activities normally excluded from general liability coverage

Commercial Hunting Insurance designed for Guides and Outfitting operations.

Claims/Service Management – Our experienced claim’s team specializes in casualty losses from hunting and other forestry-related pursuits. Response to service needs is instantaneous for our large landowner clients. Claim management is guided by what is best for our client and includes active coordination with the landowners counsel (if available) and selection of any defense counsel.

Safety – Our background/expertise in timber operations/management allows us to develop programs that directly impact cost reduction. Based on individual claims review, we can design personal safety tips for hunt clubs and how to avoid serious injury.

Outdoor Underwriters, Inc. utilizes a modeling technique based on the integration of claims information from our entire database. A model will be developed, based on data specific to the needs of the landowner to aid in the identification of loss exposures related to club or landowner demographics. This modeling process reveals risk not otherwise addressed and will assist with the application process of land or clubs located in different geographic regions. These risk management measures will further reduce potential litigation by considering all potential hazards.

Outdoor Underwriters, Inc will monitor and track all open and closed claims and provide quarterly spreadsheet reports as to Type of Claim/Injury, Cause, and Cost or Open Reserve. Reporting will be further broken down by region and/or county. Such information is critical to directing our loss control efforts via safety alerts and accident prevention recommendations which will be sent to all affiliated clubs and landowners.

All of these tracking measures are used to increase hazard awareness, better assess the overall risk and notify the insured of any emerging trends as they arise.