Hunter Shoots Forester's Pickup


On an early morning in April a turkey hunter set up his blind and decoys on a private wooded road. He was an experienced hunter.


Unsafe Act or Conditions

The hunter was facing a sharp curve in the road. The decoys were set at the road curve.


When turkeys walked out of the woods toward decoys, the hunter shot. Unknown to the hunter a forester had parked his truck on the other side of the curve. The pickup was damaged, but the forester was not present so no injuries occurred.


Hunters should always be aware of where they are shooting and what is beyond their shot. Special focus should be given to set-ups along road sides or trails. Forest workers should also be aware of hunters and the increased activity that may occur during certain times of the year. As an extra precaution, woods workers should announce their presence if a hunter’s blind or decoys are seen.

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