The 5 R’s of Preparing Your Stands for Hunting Season

Tree stand falls are one of the most common types of hunting-related injuries, and in many cases, they could have been avoided. Using safety straps and harnesses is vital. Prepping and maintaining your tree stands each season is also crucial to prevent injuries.

  1. REMOVE: Removing your tree stands at the end of every season is an essential start to your pre-season preparations. However, tree stands left from year to year can be dangerous. Sun and the growth of the trees can cause straps to become stretched and brittle. Over time you will run the risk of these straps breaking.

  2. RINSE: Once stands have been removed, it is important to give them a good cleaning to inspect them for wear and tear. Be on the lookout for damage, rust, and flaking paint.

  3. REPAIR: Take time to prep and repair the damage you uncovered as you cleaned and dismantled your stand. Pay close attention to bolts, ensuring they are rust-free and in good condition before reassembling the stand.

  4. REPLACE: Cables and straps are an essential element of today's stands. They keep your stand stable and safe when it is in the tree. Over time these elements can wear out and become a risk. Inspects all straps, webbing, and ratchets for signs of wear. It is also essential to replace straps every year to ensure they are safe and secure. Cables should be checked for kinks, rust, and knicks. If you find this type of damage, it is necessary to reach out to the stand manufacturer for the appropriate cable and strap replacements.

  5. REHANG: Once you have reassembled your stand, lubricated metal connections, and done a final inspection of welds and connections, it is now safe to rehang your stand. By following the steps above, you can feel confident that your stands will be safe and sound throughout the upcoming hunting season.